Types of grant

Since the Trust’s formation it has, from its modest annual income, supported a large number and wide range of activities/projects which can be broadly categorised as follows:

  1. Grants towards the cost of overseas study tours by applicants who have been seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and rural affairs outside the UK.

  2. Grants towards the cost of hosting, by individuals or Organisations, visits of overseas students to Oxfordshire.

  3. Grants to teachers and research workers towards expenses incurred whilst taking part in agricultural/rural affairs conferences, study tours or other projects in the UK and abroad.

  4. Grants to students towards the cost of attending agricultural courses at schools or colleges where it has been demonstrated to the Trustees that normal funding support was insufficient.

  5. Grants towards the cost of training courses, many organised through the YFC, aimed at developing rural leadership qualities and rural skills and providing relevant opportunities for these to be applied for wider benefit.

  6. Grants towards the costs of projects seeking to offer opportunities for the improvement of knowledge and understanding of rural issues and rural ways of life.

Conditions of grants

The Trustees generally require the following criteria to be met by those to whom funds are allocated:

  1. To prepare a short report (around 1000 words) for submission to the Trust Secretary within 2 months of the agreed finish date. This has to include a description of the main experiences encountered, lessons learned for possible wider application and summary of conclusions, set against the initial objectives.

  2. To actively seek out and pursue opportunities to pass on project experiences to other individuals and groups, through talks etc.

Applications for grants

Applications can be made at any time. Applicants are advised to submit their forms well in advance of the start date for their particular project so that the Secretary can make all the necessary enquiries etc., for the Trustees to have full information at hand when they meet to consider applications.

Further information

The Secretary will be very pleased to provide further information or discuss any aspect of the Trust’s work in more detail. Please email